Baal haturim online dating

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Baal haturim online dating

I'm going to bring some of these too, since they are interesting, but what I also found interesting was the various approaches which the individuals discussing them brought to the table.

So who says the chokrim aren't interested in the Shulchan Aruch and its commentaries?

I asked him: How is it that of all peoples of the world, only the Jews sway to and fro when they study the Torah, a habit which seems to come natural to them, and they are unable to keep still?

He replied: You have reminded me of a very deep idea which very few people know. Then he continued: Alas for mankind who go about like cattle without understanding.

We arose and went on our way, the sun becoming stronger and more oppressive.

We saw some trees in the wilderness with water underneath, and we sat down in the shade of one of them.

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This thing alone is sufficient to distinguish the holy souls of Israel from the souls of heathen peoples.

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