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Italy, which had economic interests in Tunisia, strongly opposed the plan but was unable to impose its will.

The French presence in Tunisia came five decades after their occupation of neighboring Algeria, the time when the French were still inexperienced about and lacked the knowledge of how to develop a colony.

When European influence continued to grow during the second half of the 19th century, Tunisia became a de facto independent state.

This complicated matters of affairs was used by the European powers seeking influence in Tunisia, according to historian Henk Wesseling "[...] this state of affairs, however complicated, was not without practical benefits, because [the European Powers] could treat the bey, at will, either as an independent ruler or as a vassal of the Porte." Khaznadar was minister of finance and foreign affairs and was assisted by the interior, defence, and naval ministers.

In fact new figures reveal that even despite the French government's controversial efforts to turn the population off cigarettes, the number of people smoking has gone up.

Since France introduced a ban on branded cigarettes in January 2017, more packets of cigarettes have been sold compared to last year when branding was allowed, according to the country's Customs Office (L'administration des Douanes).

And while tobacco consumption seems to be on the rise, an increasing proportion of the French intend to quit.

“The neutral packet is aimed at changing tobacco's image and is principally aimed at younger people.

Russian victory foreshadowed the dismemberment of the empire, including independence for several Balkan possessions and international discussions about the future of the North African provinces.

The Berlin Congress of 1878 convened to resolve the Ottoman question.

Around a quarter of adults and a third of teenagers indulge in the habit, according to World Health Organization figures.

) was established in 1881, during the French colonial Empire era, and lasted until Tunisian independence in 1956.

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