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On Thursday, “Soul Food Junkies” has its long-awaited New York premiere when Image Nation Cinema Foundation ( ICoq) hosts a screening, panel discussion and performance at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.Yours Truly, who has known BH since he was in pampers – just kidding, but a longtime – managed to track him down long enough to pepper him with a few questions about the continuing evolution of “Soul Food Junkies” (“SFJ”).After working on this film, I've become even more aware about health and nutrition and what I put, or don't put, into my body.Since the time that the film began, I have transitioned to a mostly vegetable-based diet, with daily exercise.

I also want them to pay closer attention to the food they have access to, or don't have access to, in their communities. I do some form of cardio and weight training during my workouts. I also take those small steps you read about in health and fitness magazines that make a big difference. I park far away from the supermarket to increase my steps walking to the market, I walk NYC blocks instead of taking the subway (depending on the distance and time permitting). ’ I also thought about my father, to whom this film is dedicated. I was also extremely self-conscious and preoccupied with my casual attire because I did not have time to go back to my hotel room and get dressed up after the final screening of my film.

An enthusiastic group of 70 guests gathered at WKAR on January 10 to see a preview from the Independent Lens documentary "Soul Food Junkies" and learn more about the cultural legacy and health-related issues connected to this culinary tradition.

Following the video preview, panelists Laura De Lind, Andrea King Collier and Lorraine Weatherspoon added their personal and professional insight from the perspectives of both health and culture.

"I like the fact that the children in my community have made it a sense of community by coming over and sharing my soul food with my granddaughter.

BYRON Hurt’s latest documentary, “Soul Food Junkies,” has been a labor of love.

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