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Obviously, you don't give into their demands, otherwise they will just do the same thing again and to others.Because of their actions, I highly recommend everyone only use pirated versions of v Bulletin software and never pay them a dime.Observe how she took away my license due to the below conversation in which they were totally negligent and at fault.You said that this problem occurred in an early download of 3.7.1 which I did download early, so I was caught by it.I am confident she will not escape the consequencese of her sin and judgment by God.Consequently, she said I have to pay them 0 if I want to continue using v Bulletin which of course I won't do, because I already paid it; by law remains valid for life, as it says right on their purchase agreeement, "I was a consistently dependable customer, each year paying for updates and support.During this time Jeremy Hutchings joined the development team, a.k.a.However, version 3 was finally released in March 2004.

Something happened in the last few days or even week or two possibly, that nobody can register to my forums because of a problem with the image verification on my server or the server where the image verification is supplied.v Bulletin 2 is no longer under active development.In August, we announced a major overhaul of the code base.What could I look for specifically in A PARTICULAR FILE to prove this?To troubleshoot this, first reupload all the original v B non-image files (except install.php).

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The fix is to download a new zip file and upload those files making sure you replace the ones on the server.

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